What are the 5 Phases of Communities that Care, and where are we at?

This is a long-term project to create lasting changes in how our community supports and encourages the youth to lead healthy vibrant lives.

Phase 1 began in 2021 when community leaders recognized a need to provide programs and policies to guide our youth to healthier lives, so Communities that Care, and nationwide-model of community driven change was brought to Montrose.  Community stakeholders and key-decision makers were identified and invited to join the coalition to work on the project.

Phase 2, the organizational phase, involved setting up the community board and key leader group to guide decision making and planning for the coalition.

Phase 3, where our coalition is currently, is wrapping up a community wide resource assessment, to identify what programs, practices, and policies, and are currently in place that provide protective factors to minimize the risk factor of early initiation of substance use in our youth.   We will then identify programs currently in place that support our youth, and gaps in service. Finding will be reported out to the coalition.

Phase 4 is the plan creation phase.  The community board will develop a comprehensive Community Action Plan to guide prevention work in our community.   The plan will outline a chosen evidence-based program for implementation.

Phase 5 will be the implementation and evaluation phase of the project.